The Long End of the Stick

Recently I spent time with a person who kept referring to getting “the short end of the stick”. Everything from, how the company he worked for had treated him, to the ways things had gone for him in the past, to his present “lot in life” had seemingly conspired against his happiness. This was a man who actually had incredibly good things throughout his life but the weight of the losses he had experienced were perceived to tip the scales of life to downtrodden victimhood.

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Together, Together

Where’s Jesus when you need Him?

Previously, we have been examining how God in Jesus has come to be with us and to invite us to actively participate together with Him in all of the aspects of life, a life that is filled with true abundance.

Here though, we want to explore the next level of experiencing abundant life with Him. [Before reading further, pause to think, what do you think that next level would have to include for even a greater experience of experiencing of Jesus?]

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Recently, in a flash of surprise, I found myself contemplating a word that I rarely think about and had never thought about in conjunction with Jesus before. In that flash I saw how really important the idea of respect is not only with regard to Jesus, but also for myself and others. It was something that I definitely needed to explore further and so I had to write myself a note to remember to do so (on the first thing that I could find to write on which was a piece of toilet paper 😊)

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God Wants to Be With Us?

Therefore the Lord Himself will give you a sign: Behold, a virgin will be with child and bear a son, and she will call His name Immanuel.
Isiah 7:14

What other belief system exists where God Himself desires to enter into the lives of people and be with them? Besides the virgin birth which is foretold in this verse, what greater miracle is there that compares to God literally doing that? And if it’s true what does it look like to experience this Immanuel with us right now in every aspect of the lives we live?

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